Where to Surf in Jervis Bay? Jervis Bay Surf Spots

The Easter long weekend is coming up and you want to go surfing. The only dilemma is that you promised your girlfriend you’d take her on a romantic getaway which will likely include activities that don’t involve surfing and you’re afraid you’ll miss the Easter swell.

So now you have to choose between surfing or cuddles and you don’t know what to do…

Well, our answer to that question is, “why not do both?”.

If you want to combine a relaxing couple’s holiday with pristine surf beaches, then look no further than Jervis Bay.

(BEFORE WE BEGIN!!!: There’s a complete list of fun activities to do in Jervis Bay at the bottom of this article)

Where is Jervis Bay?

Jervis Bay is a coastal town situated approximately 3 hour drive south of Sydney, NSW.

What type of wetsuit ?

In summer, the ocean temp is 22.5°C so you can wear a 1.5mm wetsuit top.

In winter, the ocean temp is 18.3°C so you can wear a 3:2mm full length steamer wetsuit.

Where to surf?

Jervis Bay surf spots



Caves Beach

Caves Beach (24 min drive*):

Wave Difficulty: Beginner

Best Wind: NW

Caves Beach is situated in the Booderee National Park and is well known for its network of sea caves at the southern end of the beach, which can be explored at low tide. The waves are gentler here, as the beach has a southerly facing aspect.

NOTE: The entry fee to Booderee National Park is $13. Also, there is a 300m walk from the carpark to Caves Beach.

Fun Activities Nearby:

The Botanic Gardens in Booderee National Park:

There are a number of beautiful walking trails through the botanic gardens, and it’s an excellent place to watch birds and other animals.



 Steamers Beach

Steamers Beach (27 min drive*):

Wave Difficulty: Intermediate

Best Wind: NW

Steamers Beach is also in the Booderee National Park. There have been several shark sightings here so try to avoid surfing at dawn and dusk.

Fun Activities Nearby:

Bush Walk to Steamers Beach:

Starting at the Steamers Beach carpark there is a clearly marked bush trail down to the beach.  The trail is 2.3km (30mins) each way and takes you through tall eucalypt forest and tea tree towards the coast. It finishes with a steep flight of stairs.



Culburra Beach

Culburra Beach (34 min drive*):

Wave Difficulty: Intermediate

Best Wind: W

Culburra Beach is your classic, easterly facing Aussie beach. Very reliable surf conditions can be found here.

Fun Activities Nearby:

Jetty Fishing – Crookhaven Heads Boat Ramp:

The inland waterways of Culburra are great for fishing. The jetties near Crookhaven Heads Boat Ramp are perfect as they are easily accessible by car and quite protected from the wind.



Mollymook surf

Mollymook Beach (46 min drive*):

Wave Difficulty: Beginner

Best Wind: W

Mollymook is a longboarder’s dream. Long, gentle rides can be found all up and down the beach.

Fun Activities Nearby:

Cupitt’s Winery

Looking for a long, boozy lunch? Cupitt’s Winery is the spot for you. Start with a wine tasting overlooking the vineyard and then enjoy a 3 course sit down lunch of delicious Australian contemporary food. Make sure you reserve a table well in advance as this restaurant books out fast.



Complete List of Fun Activities:

  • Drinks at Huskisson Hotel
  • White Sands Walk (from Greenfield Beach to Hyams Beach)
  • Scribbly Gum Track Walk (also from Greenfield Beach to Hyams Beach)
  • Picnic at Greenfield Beach
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding Lessons and Tours
  • Breakfast at Portside Café
  • The Botanic Gardens in Booderee National Park
  • Busk Walk to Steamers Beach from Carpark
  • Cupitt’s Winery
  • Fishing in Culburra
  • Tennis at The Country Club, Vincentia
  • Tandem bike along the shores of Huskisson
  • Dinner at The Stonegrill Steakhouse, Huskisson
  • Lunch at 5 Little Pigs

Where to Stay?

We recommend booking an AirBnB in, or near, the suburb of Huskisson.


*All travel times calculated starting from Huskisson, NSW.



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