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Who Will Win At J-Bay in 2019?

Next stop on the WSL championship tour is Jeffreys Bay, South Africa! J-Bay is a mirror image of itself. It’s a place where one minute you’re on the best wave of your life and the next you’re fighting off a great white shark. The bay is lined with beachfront mansions and yet a short walk down the road leads to a township known as “The Location” where the poorest of the poor live in shacks cobbled together from scrap timber and corrugated iron.

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Who Will Win The Rio Pro in 2019?

Next stop on the WSL world tour is Saquarema in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Brazilian surfing fans are among the most passionate in the world and you can bet your bottom dollar that they will show up in droves for the event. With fierce home ground support behind him, Filipe Toledo defeated Aussie, Wade Carmic

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