The 9 Best Surfboards for Beginners in 2020

One of the most difficult decisions when you first take up surfing is working out which is the best surfboard for a beginner. Ideally, your first surfboard should be easy to stand up on, safe for you and those around you, and not too expensive. To make the choice that little bit simpler we’ve rounded up a list of the 9 Best Surfboards for Beginners below.

Before we begin let’s cover some of the basics…

Should I Buy a Shortboard or Longboard? 

Generally speaking, the longer the board, the more buoyant and stable it is. This makes longboards easier to learn how to stand up on and ideal for beginners. The trade-off, however, is that long boards tend to be more difficult to steer and duck-dive (an advanced manoeuvre to duck under waves).

We recommend finding a board that is long enough to be easy to stand up on but not so long that it feels like you’re riding a tree!

Which Length Surfboard is Good for a Beginner?

If you weigh less than 85kgs (187 pounds) and are less than 6’1” feet (185cm) tall… 

7ft surfboard

If you weigh more than 85kgs (187 pounds) and are more than 6’1” feet (185cm) tall…

8ft surfboard

Softboard (Foamie) or Fibreglass?

When learning to surf it is safer to ride a softboard. Softboards are predominantly made from foam (hence their nickname “foamie”) with a thin layer of plastic on the base. Fibreglass boards are very hard and can cause serious injury if they impact you or another surfer.

 Dead Hippie 7'0"

1. Dead Hippie 7'0"

Brand: Spooked Kooks

Price: $569.95

Not only is this board softer on your head, it’s a little softer on the planet too. All the plastic elements of the board (the leash plug, fin box and fin key) are made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic waste. We like this board for beginners as it’s super soft yet sturdy enough to learn to stand up on.

Check it out here

LOG Basic X Jamie O'Brien Pro

2. LOG Basic X Jamie O'Brien Pro

Brand: Catch Surf

Price: $399.99

This board is super maneuverable so it’s not only ideal for beginners but also intermediate and advanced riders who want to express themselves on the wave. The board comes in 7'0", 8'0" and 9'0" sizes.

Check it out here

MF Super Soft

3. MF Super Soft

Brand: Mick Fanning Softboards

Price: TBC

The MF Super Soft maintains it’s wide shape throughout the entire length of the board, making it super stable and buoyant. Perfect for the beginner who simply wants to enjoy the ride.

Check it out here

Koolite 7'0"

4. Koolite 7'0"

Brand: Softlite

Price: $439.95

With a little extra thickness, this board is sure to feel like a steady platform under your feet. Ideal for the early stages of learning to surf.

Check it out here

8'0" Single Fin

5. 8'0" Single Fin

Brand: Mullet Boards

Price: $499.95

Do you find yourself struggling to paddle on to waves? Then struggle no more with this absolute steam engine of a board. Super easy to paddle and catch waves.

Check it out here


6. Zeppelin

Brand: Softech

Price: $649.95

The extra wide shape of this board will make you feel like you’re cruising on a ferry in the harbour. No problem standing up on this bad boy.

Check it out here

Dagger 6'0"

7. Dagger 6'0"

Brand: Spooked Kooks

Price: $499.95

Yes, this board is a little on the shorter side for a first-time surfer. However, with a square tail and wide width throughout the majority of the length of the board, this stick provides adequate stability and performance for a range of skill levels.

Check it out here

LOG - Amaze/Twist Edition

8. LOG - Amaze/Twist Edition

Brand: Catch Surf

Price: $374.99

We couldn’t ignore this board for it’s stunning colouring and design. All details of this exclusive model were designed by Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano. The board comes in either a fin-less or quad-fin setup. If you’re a beginner, be sure to choose the quad-fin.

Check it out here


9. MF X DHD Twin

Brand: Mick Fanning Softboards

Price: TBC

This board is by far the most high performance on our list but it is such a favourite of ours we couldn’t leave it off. Designed by Mick Fanning’s long-time friend and boardshaper, Darren Handley, it is by far the most technically superior soft-top board on the market.

Check it out here



Bronte Series 1.5mm Wetsuit Top - Black Neoprene, White Logo

Brand: Flatrock Wetsuits

Price: $139.95

The ultraflex neoprene in this wetsuit top feels like a second skin and frees up arm mobility to give you the full range of motion when paddling.

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