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The 5 Best Campsites Near Surf Beaches in NSW

The end of Aussie winter is in sight! Time to start planning your first camping trip and where better to camp than right in front of a pristine surf beach! This article will tell you everything you need to know about the best campsites in NSW located right in front of beautiful surf beaches. We also tell you where all the best surf spots and super fun activities are near each campsite so you never get bored. DISCLAIMER: We strongly recommend you bring a car to these campsites as there are some amazing surf breaks nearby that you’ll need a vehicle to get to. PLEASE NOTE: There is a detailed summary of all the amenities available at each campsite (drinking...

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Where to Surf in Jervis Bay? Jervis Bay Surf Spots

The Easter long weekend is coming up and you want to go surfing. The only dilemma is that you promised your girlfriend you’d take her on a romantic getaway which will likely include activities that don’t involve surfing and you’re afraid you’ll miss the Easter swell. So now you have to choose between surfing or cuddles and you don’t know what to do… Well, our answer to that question is, “why not do both?” If you want to combine a relaxing couple’s holiday with pristine surf beaches, then look no further than Jervis Bay. Surf spots in Jervis Bay. Surf spots near Jervis Bay.

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