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The 9 Best Surfboards for Beginners in 2020

We’ve rounded up a list of the 9 Best Surfboards for Beginners below. Before we begin let’s cover some of the basics… Should I Buy a Shortboard or Longboard?  Generally speaking, the longer the board, the more buoyant and stable it is. This makes longboards easier to learn how to stand up on and ideal for beginners. The trade-off, however, is that long boards tend to be more difficult to steer and duck-dive (an advanced manoeuvre to duck under waves). We recommend finding a board that is long enough to be easy to stand up on but not so long that it feels like you’re riding a tree! Which Length Surfboard is Good for a Beginner? If you weigh less...

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Who Will Win at the Sydney Surf Pro in 2020?

The Sydney Surf Pro is receiving more publicity than ever before and event organisers are expecting thousands of spectators to descend on Manly Beach this weekend for the competition. With 10,000 qualifying series (QS) points and $25,000 in prize money up for grabs, surfers from around the globe will be fighting hard for the win. We’ve broken down who we think will come 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in both the men’s and women’s events below.

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Preventing Shark Attacks! How Do SMART Drum Lines Work?

Scientists have developed an ethical shark attack prevention system known as a SMART drum line. SMART stands for “Shark Management Alert in Real Time”. SMART drum lines are deployed along the coastline around 500m from shore and alert local authorities when a shark has been caught so that experts can arrive at the scene and release the shark back into the wild.

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